Designed for active investors to manage their trade data, maximize their gain/loss strategy, prepare their Schedule D.

Dare to Compare As an active Trader, you may have tried many software applications or web services that claim to properly handle transactions and calculate capital gains and losses. To your disappointment, either they are too simplistic to identify complex IRS wash sales rules or they provide you limited method to adjust your data as your need. In addition, almost all of these products offer little support on Option, FOREX and various corporate events
  TradeMax Web Solution software Popular Finance software Schedule D Generator
Data Import Module Online broker Ofx server support Import Via QFX or from Trade History Import Via QFX Limited Brokerage support
Csv,txt file Profile wizard & predefined profile support most broker…
Enter Trade Easy- to-use interface/ extensive editing
Data Manager Support large quantity transaction records Support larger than 3000 transaction records Supported/ Very expensive Various Supported/ expensive
Record Corporate Events to track your trade history Maintain your trading history in the event of corporate actions such as stock splits, stock merge, spinoff and symbol changes, expand the portfolios and enable you to cross-reinvest income from any investment Supported Supported N/A
Option Cost Basis Adjustment Auto- detect assigned, exercised and expired option, defers cost to corresponding shares Limited Functionality N/A N/A
Matching Specific Tax Lots Auto scan(automated trade matching routines.),designated transactions ,default FIFO N/A Limited Functionality Limited Functionality
Forex Rates Wizard Auto-convert Foreign transactions into USD figures N/A N/A N/A
Price History Module Download the price history of selected security for your tracking N/A Various N/A
Option Manager Support 21- character option symbol rule 21 character option symbol auto-decode function supported N/A N/A N/A
Wash Sale Rule Calculates Wash Sale with different scenarios (stocks and options, different symbols, on an unequal number of buy and sale, Wash sale on Same day)

Specially aiming for complicated wash sale scenarios, the results of calculation is most accurate. According to different wash sale calculation methods and calculation difficulty levels, TradeMax also provides wash sale calculation rules with eight different levels summarizing when a wash sale will be triggered under different methods.

Supported, very difficult to adjust cost basis upon user needs.


Limited function

Data Analysis Wash sale Report Analyze your disallowed wash sale losses that have been deferred to next year Various Various Various
Schedule D1 report A more exact replica of the IRS form.
Gain& loss Report Show you short/long term capital gains and losses
Daily Market Value Report For user to track the performance and market value of the securities on daily basis in specific finance year.
Mark to Market Report for traders in stocks, options and single-stock futures who elect mark-to-market accounting to report their trading activity on Form 4797
Unrealized gain Report For those users who want to get the information of Gain/Loss when the price of the securities decrease or increase after buying, buthe or she has yet to sell it.
Cost basis report Track the cost basis in stocks, bonds and mutual funds to report a cost basis when an investment is sold.
Data Export Data Backup/Restore Backup the trade data in your computer, restore the trade data from the computer Support Support Support
Report Data Export Export the data in generated reports in PDF, Excel format etc limited functionality limited functionality limited functionality
Software runs on your PC Support Win7/ Vista Run our software as administrator Online service Support Various
Data Security Support Data backup Secure and encrypted N/A Supported Clear data
Encrypt data

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